You're Just One Step Away!


On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to commit to personal coaching?
eh, 1-3
hmm... maybe a 6?
Oh! I'm a 10. All the way!
What is YOUR story going to be?

No judgment!

"She is just a joy to work with. No judgment, no matter how much I told her, there was no judgment there."

Less Stress!

"Aline was instrumental in helping me to redirect my thinking about managing toxic relationships. There has been less stress surrounding these relationships than in previous years. I am grateful for how during the coaching sessions, she kept me on point on the areas that I wanted to improve. "


Before coaching with Aline, I would get into my head too much. I would have a problem and just keep rolling the same thoughts over and over. Now I know when I get into this pattern I have a coach that will help me get unstuck and find a deeper issue than I even expected. It's been a freeing experience for my daily life!
Aline Maynard is a certified life coach and certified mom coach who helps faith-based women experience freedom and joy in their relationship with themselves, their families, and others. She has been married for twenty years to a wonderful man, and has a great relationship with her two teenagers and extended family. She has overcome depression, anxiety, anger, feelings of abuse, self-hatred, negative self-talk, overwhelm, office drama, marriage strife, and parenting strife, and helps others do the same. She now has joy, peace, and love in her life and is excited to be hitting her goals for home, parenting, health, finances, business, and faith. She enjoys helping her clients achieve their goals for who they want to be and what they want to do. Aline meets with clients one-on-one through an online video conferencing program. 
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